The Five G's Guarantee...

Dear Friend,

I put a lot of work into the Five g's and I am 100% confident it will work for you.

Taking Five G's everyday, as directed, achieves real results that most other supplements cannot offer.  However, I know not all of the ingredients affect everyone in the same way.  The reason for this is our bodies are different and they respond to different to different herbs.

As the Five G's truly is the most potent blend for me and thousands of other men who have told me how well my formula has worked, it may not be for you.

And that's the reason for my Guarantee…so you know there's no risk involved in trying my formula.  If you're among the small percent of men who unfortunately don't respond to my formula, I don't want you to pay.

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't feel significant results within the first month, simply return the unused portion of the product and I'll refund every cent of your money.  There's no risk involved and you have my word as well as my Guarantee.

Thank you,

Steve Donelly


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you don't feel these results within the first full 60 days, or if you feel dissatisfied with your order for any reason whatsoever, we will return every dollar of your questions asked. This is our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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